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In 1973 Scabal commissioned Salvador Dali to create a series of paintings outlining his vision
of how menswear could look in the year 2000.

To mark Scabal’s 85th anniversary we have again looked to the future through a partnership
with the Swiss think tank W.I.R.E. Together, we have created a book that explores the future
of clothing, examining external drivers of change, taking input and ideas from a variety of
experts and finally speculating on some potential future scenarios.

To complement the book and to pay homage to Dali’s original idea, we asked the renowned
artist John Armleder to create his vision of the future. He answered this brief as follows:

“Its all to be found in a sphere and a gold pattern on lilac wallpaper”

It is part of Armleder’s artistic practice to work with a library of graphic codes as representative
of the world today. It is a way to decode the complexity of life and make it simpler, easier, and
more accessible. Why wallpaper? It allows a regular repetition of shapes forming a pattern,
and patterns influence our brain: the singular shape loses its meaning and becomes something
entirely new. The spheres and globes come to us with a futuristic message, at once entertaining
and scientific, looking like disco balls as much as cells in the human body.

This dramatic artwork is celebrated through a limited-edition lining collection.

when you order a garment with any of the special linings, it will arrive with the special edition cuff label.