The Scabal made to measure experience starts with a personalised consultation with one of our in-store tailoring specialists.  This can take place anywhere – in-store, online or in your home or office. 

The process to design the perfect outfit is one of co-creation, you can select every element needed from the fabric to the stitch colours to create a unique garment – guided by the expert knowledge of our team.  


There are up to 5000, luxury fabrics available within the Scabal collections, so it is always possible to find the perfect quality, pattern and colour for your needs, combined with over 200 ways you can personalise each garment to your taste, occasion and budget.  To create the perfect silhouette, there will be 2 or 3 fittings and our tailoring experts are on hand to offer advice on the best choices to make you look impeccable.

We offer made to measure across all collections, suits, jackets, trousers, knitwear, shirts, shoes even leatherwear, everything can be customised for you.

The majority of Scabal Fabrics are made in our own Mill in Yorkshire, England where we specialise in wool and cashmere and garments are produced in our own factory in Portugal so Scabal can guarantee end to end quality, traceability and the promise of a unique garment made for you.