The Special Editions

Every single one of our cloth collections is made to the highest standards of quality, yet Scabal’s Special Editions collection stand above others. They are composed of the most treasured fibres on Earth, as well a being the embodiment of cutting edge luxury fabric design.

Extraordinarily Fine Fabric


Scabal searched the world for the finest possible wool, found it in Australia and created a cloth worthy of the name Summit. This cloth is so fine to touch, that Scabal’s own technicians immediately classified it as “very rare wool”.  Summit is woven from an ultra-ultra fine fibre.  The quality of the wool is consistent along its length and deserves nothing but the finest treatment.  To maintain its natural qualities, it was an obvious choice not to blend the wool with other luxury fibres and present it in its purest form.  The result is a cloth which is surprisingly robust and strong, has incomparable lustre and a softness that rivals cashmere provided by the natural wave like crimps within the wool.


Precious Metals

Treasure Box

Our exquisite Treasure Box collection brings the pleasure of platinum and 24-carat gold to the world of suitings. Crafted from ultra fine Super 150’s merino wool, the precious metals are interwoven into this luxury cloth by our British master weavers. Midnight blue, anthracite grey and noble black ground shades set off platinum and gold flecks depending upon the design chosen.


Super 200'S Merino Wool

Noble Fleece

This collection has been crafted from pure Super 200’s merino wool, sourced directly from family-owned farms in Australia that are members of the Scabal Noble Wool Club initiative. A sustainable and ethically responsible superfine luxury fabric, it is also the first in a line of Scabal Noble cloths collection that seek to preserve traditional methods of sheep farming to provide wool to be woven at our heritage British mill.

Colours remain within the sartorial palette, blues, greys, browns and blacks with small colour pops appearing within the checks to add interest and depth.


A Fabric Of Precision

Noble Star

Hand-crafted at Scabal’s Yorkshire mill entirely from high-quality Super 200’s wool, it makes for superior suits at a comfortable 320g weight. The class and character of Noble Star comes from its construction: very fine yarn is twisted together, in warp and weft, and then twined again to form a bigger, bolder fleece. The result is a perfectly poised look, with a dose of decidedly British elegance.


Exquisite Luxury

Vicuna Jacketing

Take a hike high into the Andean plains and you won’t have to cast your eye far before you catch sight of a vicuña. These doe-eyed, tawny coated creatures are cousins of the llama, pro-tected from the elements by a fleece so fine that the Incas considered it to be cloth of gold. Scabal’s vicuña jacketings collection includes six luxurious designs crafted from 100% vicuña: three bold checks and three classic herringbones.


Lapis Lazuli

This beautiful stone, prized for its intense blue colour, is incorporated in a luxurious Super 150’s quality suiting, weighing 280 grammes, which contains 2% cashmere. It is woven in Scabal’s own mill in West Yorkshire, England, and can be worn all year round. A unique and powerful cloth, Lapis Lazuli is available in 12 new designs, all of them solid blue or featuring blue decoration on blue background.


Precious & Luxury Suiting


Creative excellence and technical skill are combined in Sunrise, Scabal’s precious luxury suiting cloth for men of taste and distinction. Its supremely soft handle, deliciously light feel and exceptionally elegant shine are produced by the marriage of 50% Super 200’s wool and 50 % silk. The collection heralds the dawn of a new level of sophistication at the very top of the suitings market.


The Most Elite Fibres

Noble Jacket

Handcrafted at our heritage British Mill from superfine merino wool sourced through the Scabal Noble Wool club, its unique 100% Super 200's composition includes some of the most elite fibres on the planet. With its novel weave structure this bunch creates a party jacket of unparalleled softness to the touch that still retains a crisp, pure handle. Egyptian blue, dark navy and black all present an understated approach to luxury cloth and tailoring.


Elegant Drape

Noble Phantom

Distinguished even amongst our famous Special Editions, this luxury cloth collection consists of 25 dignified designs. It is woven in a plain weave of 200g in the style of traditional tropical fabrics, making it an ideal fabric for summer. Proudly made in our own weaving mill in Huddersfield, from superior superfine merino wool from the Scabal Noble Wool Club, it boasts an elegant drape and wonderfully soft feel.


Super 150'S And Pure Silk

Diamond Chip

The iconic Diamond Chip collection was the very first of our pioneering luxury fabrics to incorporate precious stones within the weave. By crushing pure diamonds into fragments, we are able to directly blend them into a Super 150’s wool and pure silk suiting at our heritage British mill. The result is a thread that shimmers in the light, giving garments a subtle luxurious glow, alongside a soft feel and drape.


A Miraculously Rare Fibre

Vicuna Suitings

The fruits of nearly 500 years of such passionate dedication sit before you, but just like the noble Incas before us, we have selected only the very best Vicuña strands from Peru. Only 1/100 of the fibres available can be combed in the special way we require before they can be woven. This adds an even more exclusive element to such a miraculously rare fibre, and guarantees an unparalleled level of quality, not to mention luxury. Vicuña is also notoriously sensitive to chemical treatment, and our process is among a select few who have successfully dyed the natural material from its golden colour, making it more versatile. Available is a selection of 8 designs, each with their own unique and subtle distinctions.

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Originally launched in 2020, the Panorama collection takes its inspiration from iconic buildings around the world. For this new edition, 12 new buildings have been selected to provide the inspiration for the fabrics through their colours, shapes and designs.

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Royal Ultimus

Royal Ultimus combines three of the world’s finest materials to create a fabric collection of unparalleled distinction and elegance. The Super 200’s wool, sourced directly from elite Australian wool growers, was chosen as it is incredibly fine. The finest Cashmere is then added to the wool to increase the softness of the finished cloth. As the final finishing touch 3% Vicuna is combined. Vicuna is renowned for its exceptional fineness, and its natural character. The collection comprises 12 fabrics all with understated designs and colours.  As its name suggests this really is the ultimate in gentleman’s suiting fabrics.


discover the seasonal collection

Scabal’s exclusive new fabric collections lend a seasonal weight whilst still feeling soft and luxurious. Suiting designs offer simple classics whilst the jackets give the opportunity to stand out in the dull wintery months. Elegance and softness are the key words for this season with a combination of natural and bright colours.