Since 2018 Scabal has sponsored the industry project for the 2nd year bespoke tailoring students at London college of Fashion, University of the Arts. This initiative gives us the opportunity to provide support for the next generation of tailors & guarantee that young talent is recognised and nurtured so that the craft of bespoke tailoring thrives into the future.

This year the brief was linked to the changing marketplace. We asked students to look at adaptability, diversity and inclusivity within their approach to Bespoke Tailoring. Redefining bespoke tailoring & who it is for? These are important questions for the tailors of tomorrow.

This project coincided with the start of the pandemic so students were forced to leave the spacious workshops on campus and continue via distance learning. It was vital to their progression that they continued with the making process so students were invited to work on their projects at half scale producing one complete garment and one to first fit.  This challenge was embraced by the students who adapted and evolved their working practices and processes to be able to successfully finish their work.