Could this be the last word in men’s suiting fabric? Driven by an obsession with creating textiles of the highest quality and elegance, Scabal announces one of the latest Special Collection, Royal Ultimus. A blend of not just two but three of the world’s finest materials and combines Super 200’s wool (72%), Cashmere (25%) and Vicuna (3%), Royal Ultimus is a suiting fabric of unparalleled distinction.

Super 200’s wool has long been an ideal choice for fine tailored garments. The name ‘Super 200’s’ is the international designation given to wool finer than 13.5 microns (1 micron being one thousandth of a millimetre). Not only is it incredibly fine, it also has the strength to recover its shape. For Royal Ultimus the wool has been sourced directly from elite Australian wool growers, and its high quality and purity lend it additional robustness and wonderful clarity of colour.

The finest Cashmere is then added to the wool to increase the softness of the cloth as well as to create additional volume in the weave. This lends the fabric a more masculine appearance and feel.

To complete the blend, Vicuna makes up 3% of the final yarn. Ceremonially brushed from the Vicuna Llama, which lives at a height of 5,000 metres in the Andes, Vicuna is one of the rarest fibres in the world. For thousands of years it has been revered, known to Inca royalty in ancient times as the “fabric of the gods”. Vicuna is renowned for being exceptionally fine and Scabal only sources hairs from the soft underbelly of the llama breast. These fibres are normally less than 10 micron and when combined with soft wool yarns add body to the finished cloth. Included at this considered percentage, it also adds to the softness and drape of the fabric.