Where versatility meets elegance

Introducing the Crossover Collection, where versatility meets elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality, this collection showcases a fusion of style and functionality.

The Crossover Collection is not just another fabric collection; it's a testament to Scabal's dedication to innovation. Each fabric pair within the collection features a carefully curated combination of patterns and plains, sharing the same ground weave. This unique design allows for effortless mix-and-match versatility, ensuring that every outfit is as adaptable as it is refined.

Made from Super 130”s wool, the fabrics in the Crossover Collection are lightweight and fine, perfect for the spring-summer season. From vibrant blues to subtle creams, the colour palette offers endless possibilities for sartorial expression. Intricate check designs add depth and character, making each garment a statement piece suitable for any occasion.

The Stanfield jacket, renowned for its lightweight and unconstructed design, epitomizes comfort and style. Now, with the addition of Crossover fabrics, it takes on a whole new dimension of versatility.

The beauty of the Stanfield lies in its ability to transform effortlessly. By incorporating Crossover fabrics, Scabal has introduced a touch of contrast to the internal gilet, offering a fresh twist on a classic silhouette. And with the gilet being removable, the Stanfield provides the opportunity for two completely different looks – from a traditional jacket to a casual, sporty ensemble in seconds.

  • Pairing the Stanfield jacket with accompanying trousers from the Crossover Collection further enhances its adaptability. Whether you choose to match the jacket fabric or opt for the gilet fabric, the result is an outfit that exudes sophistication and style, tailored to your unique taste.

    At Scabal, the understanding is that true elegance is about more than just what one wears – it's about how it's worn. With the Crossover Collection, gentlemen are invited to explore the endless possibilities of modern menswear. Embrace versatility. Embrace sophistication. Embrace Scabal.