True craftsmanship knows no bounds – there is no stitch too fine, no surface too polished, no effort too great for a more refined result. For 2023, Scabal once again joins forces with Caton, the renowned purveyor of handmade cars, for a partnership that encapsulates the essence of artisanal excellence. A collaboration that extends far beyond the sartorial, here fashion and automotive artistry are beautifully interwoven.

For the second year Scabal and Caton have collaborated for the prestigious Savile Row Concours. The link between finely tailored suits and handcrafted automobiles is immediately evident; in the painstaking attention to detail, and in the dedication that goes into every piece. Just as Scabal’s suits are designed to fit and reflect the unique character of the wearer, each bespoke Caton car reflects the vision and personality of its owner.

In this season’s collaboration, Scabal introduces a decadent and timeless leather collection. Crafted in Italy, the garments exemplify the high quality, fit, and finish that Scabal is renowned for. The range includes a variety of styles, from bomber jackets to blousons and gilets, all available in the finest suede, shearling, and nappa leather.

Each garment is made to measure. A canvas for personal expression, customers can handpick their preferred finish and colour, creating a bold, bespoke leather jacket to suit any style or season. Scabal also offers a ready-to-wear range in classic cuts.