Autumn Winter 2023

Scabal’s exclusive new fabric collections lend a seasonal weight whilst still feeling soft and luxurious. Suiting designs offer simple classics whilst the jackets give the opportunity to stand out in the dull wintery months. Elegance and softness are the key words for this season with a combination of natural and bright colours.


The new Magus collection builds on the success of its predecessor Wizard, to present a winter selection of luxury suiting fabrics combining Super 160’s wool with a natural stretch created purely by the skill of the weavers at the mill. The complete collection is woven with certified RWS wool which ensures that it is sourced from farms meeting rigorous animal welfare and land management standards.

A considered collection of 14 articles Magus, has a gentle milled finish and is perfect to add warmth and softness during the colder months. When combined with the superior wool, the stretch characteristics create fabrics that are ideal for the daily requirements of contemporary garments. The fabrics colours are plain, but essential, ranging from a light cream through soft greys, warm camels, a selection of blues and even a pure black.



A new innovation from Scabal, Connect is a contemporary range of fabrics designed with comfort and softness at its heart. The collection opens with a selection of textured fabrics, all with a knitted appearance and a soft feel, ideal to create the relaxed garments required for a busy modern life. Although they appear knitted, these fabrics are all traditionally woven, it is the skill of the weavers that create this alternative look and finish. The superior stretch throughout the entire collection ensures that the fabrics are equally suitable for a soft unconstructed jacket as a robust and hard-working pair of trousers.

The added stretch brings some crease resistance but more importantly ensures that garments return to their original shape each time they are worn. The collection closes with a small range of plain fabrics which have a deliberately overconstructed finish, and when combined with the colour palette of browns, greens, camel, blues and greys gives them a very modern look.



Refreshed this season, Eton is one of the Scabal signature suiting collections. The Super 130’s wool has a very English feel with subtle and refined designs across the range. Colour combinations are soft and balanced in the classic suiting palette of greys and blues. This is a large collection with a wide variety of designs ranging from traditional stripes and checks through to modern feeling semi-plains, delicate tone on tone shades, shadow stripes and micro designs all created to offer the ultimate selection of perfect year-round suiting.



The Miracle collection is renewed this season with a new selection of fresh colours and designs. This exquisite collection is made from a superior 100% Super 180’s wool, and is hand-crafted in England using a 4ply, twill-based construction at a seasonal 300gm. The result is a beautifully soft cloth which is surprisingly robust, practical and easy to tailor. Patterns are considered and subtle, soft checks, shadow stripes and pinstripes all feature in the traditional suiting shades of blues, greys and blacks.



A new innovation from Scabal, the Champion collection has the feel of traditional British suiting but with the added element of stretch to create a cloth that fits the needs of modern suiting.

The colours and designs are classic Scabal and there is a lot of choice, pick & picks, semi-classic checks and subtle shadow stripes all feature alongside a colour palette that includes some surprises, bright shades of blue, soft greens and a subtle autumnal browns and purple.

With its soft Super 120’s wool, Champion is destined to become the go-to bunch for a classic suiting style with the added stretch bringing a contemporary attitude and functionality.



The Hybrid concept continues to evolve this season, fast becoming one of the most popular Scabal fabric concepts. Each design is created as a pair, the first a fancy design and its partner sharing the same colour base but with a more understated complementary look.

Create a suit from any fabric or a combination jacket and trouser for a more adaptable look. For the perfect working capsule, select 2 suits and then mix and match them to create endless different outfits.


Autumn Leaves

As its name suggests, Autumn Leaves is designed with the colours of fall in mind. Divided into two chapters the first is a soft wool with added cashmere and the second is 100% extra fine Merino wool. Both qualities are woven in a seasonal 320gm weight to give the additional warmth needed in the colder months.

The collection opens with a selection of bold checks with a bright red leading the way, it moves through a range of fancy checks each one with an individual feel and closes with a dramatic selection of plains with a distinctive light and dark twisted yarn effect which adds depth and character. Colour are wide and varied, reds, browns, greens, burgundy, rust, a selection of blues, greys and winter whites all feature with many designs including multiple colour combinations.



This iconic overcoat collection returns this season refreshed with a wide selection of new colours, designs and patterns.

The collection opens with a selection of statement checks in a wool and cashmere combination, the designs are enhanced by the colour choices of winter white, soft brown and classic navy. Within the 100% wool selection there is a wide choice of more traditional overcoating patterns before the collection moves into and essential selection of plain colours in the heavier weight of 520gm.

The pinnacle of the collection is a large selection of cashmere articles, select a traditional finish or for the ultimate in luxury choose a fabrics with a stunning ripple finish. Colours range from classic overcoating palette of blues, camels and greys to more unexpected shades of rich burgundy, warm browns and military greens.


Every single one of our cloth collections is made to the highest standards of quality, yet Scabal’s Special Editions collection stand above others.

They are composed of the most treasured fibres on Earth, as well a being the embodiment of cutting edge luxury fabric design.


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