in 1971, scabal commissioned salvador dalí to imagine what men’s fashion would look like in the year 2000. the result was twelve exclusive paintings that marked some of the painter’s most visionary work to date.

this season, the design team at scabal have used the paintings as the inspiration to create a special collection of twelve fabrics called vision, each one reflects some of the innovations and characters portrayed within the original works.

Costume of a chamberlain in charge of the ex‐hippies’ pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

The costume of a Chamberlain was created using layers and layers of pleats and fabrics and our designers used a herringbone weave to replicate this styling. The key colours of pale pink and blue have been used to create stripes that frame the herringbone all with small pattern breaks to add to the feel of pleated fabric.

Fabric N°753729

Legless cripple held up only by the girders of his soul.

The original painting features the legless cripple dressed in a religious garb heavily referencing the cross symbol. A faille weave has been used to create a repeat cross design across the fabric. The painting colours are used in reverse with the bright brown of the cross used against a navy ground colour.

Fabric N°753730

A dandy with perfectly useless lyrical appendages.

The original painting features a Dandy sporting a double rim hat and it’s this feature that has been used for the basis of this fabric design. A subtle broken stripe has been created featuring a double rim pattern in the cool pink colour of the original painting. This is set against the ground colour of a classic navy to further frame the design.

Fabric N°753731

Year 2000: a plastic and mica hat filled with helium elevating the spirits of depressed beggars and maniacs.

Taking its lead from the prominent design of the mica hat, this fabric features a repeat pattern of circles surrounded by a subtle check. The 3/1 twill weave creates a luminous reflection of light and a silken look which along with a soft handle creates a fabric of distinction and quality.

Fabric N°753732

Man of the year 2000 who will be gastronomically stereoscopic and stereochemical.

A rainbow of colours has been used to create this modern striped design. Each line
is linked to the intricate colours and patterns used to create the butterflies within the original painting. The colours appear to jump off the fabric similar to the way the butterflies were originally added as collage pieces to the paintings.

Fabric N°753721

A network of soft toggles and cravates for the financial success of the next Richelieu.

The original painting imagines a dramatic shirt toggle created as a status symbol and this new fabric certainly makes a statement. Taking its inspiration directly from the shape of the toggle, the fabric design continues across the background and is enhanced by lighter stripes flowing through in the same pale blue shade as the original toggle.

Fabric N°753722

The stylish footman in the service of a vagrant.

This fabric has been created by weaving the outline of the Stylish Footman’s silhouette into the background of the design and then combining it with a fine red stripe replicating the dramatic colour worn by the Footman in the painting.

Fabric N°753723

Lady Godiva fully clothed, may now join the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

The tricolour striped design creates the impression of Lady Godiva’s flowing hair. The sun kissed colour palette is complemented by a more sedate background of charcoal grey.

Fabric N°753724

Cybernetic gentleman with cassette drawers

The starting point for this design was the cassette drawers, integral to the story and visual of the original painting. The distinctive box pattern has been woven into the ground weave in a diagonal direction mimicking the pose of the Cybernetic Gentleman. Two subtle vertical stripes run through the fabric in the same yellow and blue of the original painting.

Fabric N°753725

A maximum of 4 cravates worn by anaemic nympholeptic high school kids of the future.

A faille weave has been used to perfection to create a beautiful brown and grey shadow stripe, combined with a subtle stripe in the signature green of the 4 cravates featured in the painting.

Fabric N°753726

Mimetic character, possible future model for the cover of the New Yorker for the year 2000.

This wonderfully subtle design is created using a 3/1 twill to offer a graphic check interlaced with a soft purple stripe which takes its colour from the patterns within the butterfly of the original painting.

Fabric N°753727