For feel and functionality alike, it’s hard to out-class cashmere. Invitingly tactile, with a fibre that magically keeps its wearer warm or cool as required, it’s a fabric bathed in connotations of exceptional refinement. More than bolts of cloth and tailoring (though we’re certainly keen on those), Scabal’s Cashmere Fine collection transfers a simple wardrobe investment to something truly lasting: quality.

Quality is King
A suit built from the best will last a lifetime. Across statement staples or classic cuts, the fabrics in this collection represent style with staying power. Using the purest cashmere yarn, Scabal’s Cashmere Fine retains all the smoothness and clean beauty of its raw material. True luxury is inherent and here, it’s woven in – at 100% and 240g, to be precise.

Classic and Contemporary
Across neutral greys and navy blues – covering all the bases for tasteful glenchecks, herringbones and shadow stripes as well as elegant plain options – Cashmere Fine is as easy to tailor as it is to wear.

Scabal’s passion for cloth means sourcing the best and working it into something even better and Cashmere Fine exemplifies this.