As the days get longer and temperatures edge upwards, so those wedding invites start to arrive. Whether it’s your big day or whether you want to cut a dash at someone else’s, Scabal specialises in the special. With deft craftsmanship, unique personalisation and a renowned history, sartorial satisfaction can be guaranteed.

The Tuxedo

Choices come in the form of a classic shawl collar or a peak-lapelled jacket; single or double-breasted; a wing-collared shirt or a turndown collar version with a piqué-detailed front (white is a must); butterfly or batwing bowtie… Inject some personality with colour – all midnight blue is a sophisticated twist, a white jacket never fails to be elegant, red is bright and bold – or with texture, patterning and fabric choice – all velvet, say, or something shot through with satin detailing. 

The Three-Piece Suit

Perhaps the pinnacle of men’s tailoring is a harmonious combination of jacket, trouser and waistcoat. At its simplest and sharpest, all three parts are perfectly matched in colour, texture and cut – a gentleman’s most sophisticated staple. A dose of personality can be added by choosing more unexpected fabrics, or by mixing and matching the colour and texture of the waistcoat. At its core, though, is a versatility and sartorial sharpness that is unmatched

The Morning Suit

The tailed morning suit has long been a wedding-wear staple. It’s an elegant take on a three-piece construction, usually comprising dark jacket with a slim fit, a neutral-hued waistcoat over a white turned-down-collar shirt and colour-complementary tie with some subtly detailed pleated grey trousers. Complete the look with well-polished black shoes, and show a flash of colour with a well-chosen handkerchief in the breast pocket.