The relaunch of one of Scabal’s most highly coveted Special Collections sees a Super 150’s wool blended with cashmere and fine fragments of Lapis Lazuli, the noble blue gem prized for its deep blue colour for generations.

about the lapis lazuli stone:

In Lapis Lazuli, the refinement of fine tailoring meets new developments in textile technology while also bringing a subtly spiritual dimension to suiting. The intensely coloured stone, prized for more than 6,000 years since the time of the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians and Sumerians, is renowned as ‘a stone of protection’. To create this unique collection the stone it is crushed and hand brushed into a luxurious Super 150’s wool and cashmere combination before being woven into a cloth with a beautiful lustre and the finest quality feel.

About the cloth:

Lapis Lazuli is believed to relieve stress and promote deep peace, harmony and inner self-knowledge. It is said to stimulate objectivity and clarity as well as inspiring personal con­fidence and strengthening relationships. While the same might be said of any Scabal suit, thesse qualities are doubtless enhanced in this luxurious Super 150’s quality suiting, weighing 280 gms. Containing 2% cashmere, the fabric is woven in Scabal’s own mill in West Yorkshire, England, and can be worn all year round. A unique and truly powerful cloth, Lapis Lazuli is available in 12 designs.

For those who appreciate discreet luxury, and a deeper understanding of the magic that is woven into every Scabal cloth, the Lapis Lazuli collection will be a welcome discovery.