Here’s the skinny, the low down, and the straight up story when it comes to bespoke trousers.

Aside from the mainstays of cut, style and cloth, men’s suits today can be customised in every way. From pleats and pockets to collars and cuffs, these are the details that can set an item apart.

While there are myriad ways a suit can be tailored, most attention is often lavished on a tailored jacket. But when it comes to the whole silhouette, comfort and style credentials, it’s really the suit trousers doing all the legwork. And it is here that meticulous attention to fit makes a world of difference.

The long and the short of it

Most important, as any tailor will advise, is the length. Don’t compromise – and don’t give up until the drop is just so. The ideal and most classic length lightly brushes the top of your shoes, but doesn’t sit on them at all, without showing any sock. Anything longer is an absolute no-no, while a shorter style is currently fashionable, it takes a little more time to get right, with footwear including socks (or absence of) a great deal more on show.

For your tailored trousers: Pick a pocket or two

Next comes the question of belt loops or side tabs – depending on whether a belt is to be worn. Then it’s onto zips and buttons – horn buttons in a dark or light neutral tone are preferred, or accented buttons can provide a delightful secret feature that only you (and your dry cleaner) will ever see. Pockets and pleats are the final consideration – regardless of fashion, these should be defined to suit your shape.