Continuing our ongoing partnership, SCABAL has sponsored the industry project for the 2nd year bespoke tailoring students at London college of Fashion, University of the Arts.

In 1971, SCABAL commissioned Salvador Dali to create a set of paintings inspired by his vision of menswear in the year 2000.  The result was 12 unique images of future fashion that are some of the artist’s most interesting creations.   These paintings and the thought behind them inspired the theme of the industry project – to create a future facing garment that shows how lifestyle, social change and culture could impact the aesthetics of dress between 2018 and 2038.

Students were tasked to document their process through research, design and development and the finished projects were judged by the team at SCABAL who accessed all elements presented, including the final garments.

The winner of the project was Seungil Kim, who imagined a future where weather patterns become more erratic and the need for instant protection from the elements was necessary.  He presented a reversible jacket with weather proof reclaimed materials on one side whilst the reverse was a more traditional tailored wool jacket.

Seungil Kim and his winning designs

Runners up were William Shillito; who re-invented the traditional biker to create a tailored jacket with leather trims and belts, re-thought pocket position and zip detailing;

Joshua bond, who took inspiration from classic furniture design to create a chesterfield inspired wide shoulder jacket with accompanying suitcase featuring his signature bee logo.

Special awards were also given to Jamie Brown who created an emotionally charged outfit which focussed on mental health issues symbolically hidden underneath a plain overcoat

And Indigo Robinson who created a beautifully tailored suit featuring multiple pleats and folds inspired by 1920s Art Deco.

The outfits can be seen in the window of the SCABAL store from 10th September and the accompanying films will be live on social media from the same date.