Kenilworth Castle, steeped in history, emerged as the ideal location for this campaign. Its centuries-old architecture, hidden nooks, and lush gardens provided an awe-inspiring backdrop for the fashion shoot. The contrast of the castle’s timeless elegance and the collection’s contemporary flair created a captivating visual narrative.

Behind the lens, capturing the essence of this collection was the renowned fashion photographer, Mark Sanders. His ability to weave stories through his photography made him the perfect choice to showcase the intricate details and elegant lines of the collection with the international model Rémy Clerima.

Sartorial Excellence Meets Modernity

The Scabal Autumn/Winter collection is a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. It’s a collection that seamlessly transitions from formal elegance to casual chic, striking the perfect balance between honoring fashion’s rich history and adapting to the fast-paced realities of modern life.

A Luxury Collaboration: Caton Cars

This fashion shoot was a collaborative endeavor with the prestigious Caton Cars—a British brand committed to reimagining icons of the past through cutting-edge design and traditional craftsmanship. Their luxury vehicles, seamlessly integrated into the shoot, added an extra layer of opulence and elegance to the visual narrative.