That first day of stepping out in an overcoat is a seasonal treat in sartorial terms. To carry a bit of weight on the shoulders, to feel that warmth against the crisp outdoor chill; it’s when one can really feel that they’re dressing.

finest materials to tailor overcoats

Variation and versatility are key to the part of a gentleman’s wardrobe given over to overcoats. Classic styles can be reaffirmed with the finest of tweaks, SCABAL’s new winter line covering every base from elegant to informal; sporty to dandy. The focus is on using the finest materials and considered tailoring to make for complementary cuts that don’t lose any of their comfort.

Choosing Your Overcoat Style

single-breasted overcoats: workwear and more relaxed ‘off-duty’

The dynamic shape of single-breasted overcoats makes them more easily adaptable to seasonal trends. Their sense of sharpness, slim lapels, longer lengths and shapely fits, makes them ideal over both workwear and more relaxed ‘off-duty’ garments. SCABAL’s warmest winter coats are crafted from the softest, highest quality fabrics: pure cashmere and wool blends.

double-breasted overcoat: dose of personality and flair

A double-breasted overcoat allows for a dose more personality; a dash of dandyish flair. Their larger lapels and broader cross-body fit makes them well suited to a more formal elegance – during the week over workwear, but also at the classiest of occasions. Fashioned from the finest materials, SCABAL’s new collection boasts some of its most stylish winter coats.

Choosing Your Overcoat Fabric

nature fibers for warmth and durability

For warmth, durability and ease of tailoring, a good men’s overcoat should be constructed from natural animal fibres. Wool adds warmth and is fairly resistant to wear and tear. Cashmere adds yet more warmth and that unmistakable softness.

colours for your overcoat

For maximum adaptability, dark grey and navy-blue men’s winter overcoats are the reliable go-to palette, and black makes for the most formal finish.

To make more of a statement, opt for a bold pattern or a more modern, sportswear-influenced design.

zeus: scabal’s latest overcoat fabric collection

A collection of pure wool and pure cashmere at a robust 460–540gr. It ranges from bold-patterned overcoatings and luxuriously shiny ripple finishes, to more classic and simple glenchecks, herringbones, straight and broken twills and some timeless plains.

The Importance Of Made To Measure Overcoats: Personalisation

A good overcoat should always be about more than just providing warmth and with this Winter 2018 collection SCABAL is making its most stylish statements yet. With SCABAL, every inch of that all-important winter overcoat can be customised. Be it the type of buttons used, the fastenings, the colour of the lining or the type of fabric, it can, in its personality, be an extension of its wearer. SCABAL’s overcoats are all tailor-made in its German workshop using only the very finest English fabrics.