As you step into a new season of formal wear, it can be difficult to navigate the best routes to sartorial success. There are different styles, different materials, different fits and, of course, different dress codes…

SCABAL believes that a gentleman deserves the very best in celebration-worthy attire, and has compiled this fail safe guide to occasion wear etiquette by way of wardrobe assistance…

the formal wedding

The ‘Black Tie’ Dress Code

An elegant setting, an evening start, a dress code that says ‘Black Tie’: this is undoubtedly the time for a tuxedo. It remains one of the most timeless pieces in a gentleman’s wardrobe, and is reliable at a formal wedding.

A single-button jacket in black or midnight blue worn with subtly detailed black trousers, a white wing-tipped tux shirt and a black bow tie will keep things classic; a cummerbund (the pleated silk sash worn around the waist) can be added for elegance and a white pocket-square for detail. Black patent Oxford shoes will complete the look.

The Festival collection offers a vast range of special-occasion options. Super 130’s wool highlighted with lurex thread, printed velvets, opulent jacquards, Doppione silks and more, all finished in a classic eveningwear palette of midnight blues, deep purples, charcoal greys and bold blacks – its Barathea weave is particularly perfect for tuxedos.
For a twist on the traditional, opt for a statement jacket: silver, velvet, jacquard patterning…

the cocktail wedding

Suits With A Touch of Style

Such occasions might dial down the formality a touch, so, while sporting a tuxedo certainly wouldn’t be frowned upon, it offers the opportunity to make a sartorial statement in a more versatile suit.

Dark hues are recommended – navy, blue, charcoal, grey, brown – with a notch – or peak lapel jacket or as part of a three-piece with matching waistcoat. For a bolder look, a double-breasted jacket with two sets of buttons and an overlapping front can look particularly flattering.

All can be paired with a pastel coloured shirt, while shoes can be more casual, brown is acceptable in such scenarios, and a dose of personality can be added with lapel pins, patterned pocket-squares and ties and bow ties with intricate patterns.

The ideal choice here is  Scabal’s Galaxy Collection a versatile fabric selection made up of blues, sophisticated mid and dark mélange greys with a variety of designs. Woven from a fine Super 110’s wool, the collection is entirely made in England and boasts a standout bloom finish perfect for a special wedding suit.

the casual or destination wedding

Relaxed Sartorial Rules

It might be a beach, a field, a villa, a hotel… Wherever the setting, the more casual nuptials encourage a relaxing of strict sartorial rules. Travelling, often long distances, is a key concern here so practicality can play a greater part in a gentleman’s consideration than usual.

As such, cotton, linen and other lighter-weight fabrics come into their own at such occasions and, as well as the summer suit, can be the perfect opportunity for pairing chinos and blazers. Ties aren’t always a necessity, depending on the format, so a crisp or a casual white shirt is a useful staple, although something more interestingly patterned can be worn for contrast.

The Concerto collection,made of super 150’s wool, is ideal for lightweight suiting and softer cuts. Ranging from pastel beige and classic grey to colourful shades of blue, green, red and purple; this collection is made for gentlemen who need to hit the sartorial high notes.

scabal made-to-measure service

When it comes to wedding outfits, though, SCABAL can ensure every gentleman finds the one with its full made-to-measure service to ensure a unique and luxurious look for the most special of occasions, be it as groom or guest. Fully customise the fit, linings, pocket detail and other specifications, and choose from 5,000 of the finest fabrics in infinite combinations for formal wear perfection.