Michael Day, the expert that creates the fabric collections at Scabal will provide us with an exclusive glimpse into the inspirations, themes, and design elements that define the new AW23 collections.

Can you tell us what inspired the creation of Scabal’s new fabric collections for the upcoming autumn/winter season?

We wanted to strike a balance between a more modern and contemporary look and performance while maintaining the traditional heritage that distinguishes Scabal’s range. Two great examples of this approach are the Champion and Connect collections. Both new this season, they have a classic quality base, but we have incorporated stretch to give them a very modern feel. Both these collections contain fabrics characteristics that are completely new to the Scabal collections.

Could you share some insights into the colour palette and textures used in the new collection and how they evoke the feeling of autumn and winter?

In addition to the essential blues and greys, you’ll find warm browns, various shades of red, as well as seasonal greens. These colours capture the on-trend shades of the season, providing options for both suits and jackets. You will always see that our choice of colours reflects the richness of the autumn winter season.

Can you describe the key themes and design elements that define these collections?

The distinguishing feature is the use of stretch and Mouliné yarns for ground weaves, this adds a rich and complex element to standard ground shades. Mouliné yarns involve twisting different colours together, which creates a textured effect. This season, we’re evolving traditional looks by using Mouliné yarns more extensively in our some of our updated collections like Autumn Leaves & Zeus overcoats, by doing this, we aim to provide our customers with a fresh take on some classic designs.

Can you highlight any signature fabric in this collection that you believe will be particularly popular among consumers?

Eton is one of our signature cloths and is popular with a wide range of customers. It has a distinctive and exclusive design that appeals to both traditional and modern tastes. Another noteworthy addition is the Miracle collection a Super 180’s fine wool, which offers high-end luxury and is my favourite collection this season.

Lastly, can you give us a glimpse of what to expect for SS24?

In SS24, we’re introducing a new quality called Silver Shadow, which incorporates stretch and features a color palette of grey with touches of purple. Additionally, we have a new jacketing quality made from bamboo, which will be part of the Taormina collection. It’s an exciting lineup, and we can’t wait to share it with our customers.