As the season eases into winter, so jackets (or blazers in the United States) really come into their own as adaptable wear during the day and evening.

Heavier winter fabric constructions work perfectly as sharp and shapely outdoors jackets during the transitional weeks of Autumn. The more casual fabrics can be core components of a layered look thrown over a simple outfit, giving your style a subtle boost and colour.

The Traditional Winter Jackets

Traditional heritage jackets are a winter wardrobe essential and a timeless investment. Usually crafted from cosy combinations such as wool and cashmere, they also have a durable finish. Their noticeable woven structure can range from herringbones, glen checks, hound’s tooth or even hopsack. Wear it in the city or outdoors, with a traditional winter jacket it always pays to play it straight.

the finest jacketings collection

SCABAL’s Finest Jacketings collection is built for winter and it is the only name needed when searching for first-class fabrics for this universal jacket. The collection is made up of 59 designs, ranging in weights from 280g-450g all finished in classic shades of greys and rusts.

The Wool Jackets

As thoughts of summer fade, it is the perfect opportunity to make a break and set off in search of the cold season’s inviting horizons with cosy fabrics and elaborate designs. Wool and cashmere fibres are perfect for winter jacket due to their breathable yet warming qualities, giving you the opportunity to focus only on your aesthetics. Indeed winter jackets aren’t averse to making a statement, either. A bright, bold finish – reds, greens, a broad spectrum of blues – can make for a versatile statement piece to brighten darker days.

the escape collection

Ideal for winter jackets, Escape is available in Super 130’s and 120’s wool and cashmere, with its more elaborate designs using jaspé yarns to accentuate a refined finish. Designs include checks, overchecks, glenchecks occasionally blended for a strong, high-contrast look; sometimes softly finished for an even more sophisticated result.

The Sporty Jackets

For a more modern take on a winter wardrobe opt for knitwear-inspired sports jackets. These versatile jackets can elevate your overall winter look with colour while spending a weekend away and not compromising on easy of movement.

the capriccio collection

Scabal’s namesake collection makes a reality of contemporary jacketing crafted from the most traditional methods. Comprising of nine knitwear-inspired sports jackets the collection is constructed from natural fibres with bouclé yarns in a weight of 360g. The finish is soft and designs come in coloured checks or more contrasted micro designs.