A new collection of 12 fabrics inspired by iconic and unusual buildings around the world. 
The designs take inspiration not only from the buildings themselves but from the moment the photograph was taken. 
The team examined the details, shapes and colours of the building and its surroundings to create a collection of 12 unique
All articles are constructed in a Super 120’s wool with cashmere at 300gms.

Los Angeles, USA

Peterson Automotive Museum

Fabric No 754851


Taking inspiration from the flowing lines of the building, a wave pattern has been created weaving across the face of the fabric. The base colour matches the grey aluminium of the structure exactly with a touch of the striking red creating a contemporary check design.

Paris, France

Louvre Museum

Fabric No, 754852


The golden hues of the Louvre pyramid illuminated at night was the starting point for this fabric design. Warm gold and soft blue yarns have been woven into an intricate pattern recreating the shapes and changing colours of the glass within the pyramid itself.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Merdeka 118

Fabric No. 754853


Mirroring the irregular shapes of the window panes in this iconic skyscraper, the designers have created a diagonal pattern which flows upwards across the fabric.The tonal blue colour echoes the clear Malaysian sky which is reflected onto the mirrored glass of the Merdeka Building.

Harbin, China

Harbin Opera House / Grand Theatre

Fabric No. 754854


The dramatic glazed and metal ceiling of this contemporary theatre inspired this design. The pattern reflects the metal structure supporting the glazed areas and this also inspires the cool grey colourway.  On closer inspection the design reveals a continuous wave pattern that replicates the outline shape of the entire roof which gives a 3D effect to the fabric.

Mexico City, Mexico

Museo Soumaya

Fabric No, 754855


The hexagon plates that cover the building like a wave have been woven onto the fabric in two shades of grey to highlight the outline of the pattern.

Antwerp, Belgium

Museum aan de Stroom

Fabric No. 754856


Rather than the more obvious irregular windows, the design team focussed on the patterns created by the staggered brick placement, both for the woven design and the colours of the fabric. The light and dark of the brickwork has been replicated through a textured shadow weave and the fabric has an overtone in a sand colour which pays homage to this image of the building taken on a winter morning.

Tokyo, Japan

Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower

Fabric No. 754857


The Mode Gakuen Tower stands over 200m above the heart of the Shinjuku area of Tokyo. Aptly named the Cocoon tower as the outer metal structure forms a protective surround of the centre building.  We have recreated the criss-cross pattern of the metal within the fabric design by using a two-tone weave in a dramatic black and white combination.

Los Angeles, USA

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Fabric No. 754858


The iconic concert hall in downtown Los Angeles creates a unique silhouette at sunset.  Each sail a different shape reflecting the light and shade of the darkening blue sky and its pink reflections. The pattern of the fabric replicates this moment, repeating the shape of a single sail with a touch of a pink highlight positioned above it.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Harpa Concert Hall

Fabric No, 754859


The window glazing on this dramatic concert
hall was designed to represent the landscape in Iceland and like its inspiration it appears to change colour depending on the conditions around it. The fabric pattern replicates the window panes and their diagonal formation with the light and dark of the glazing and its metal surrounding represented by the use of complimentary blue colours.

Riga, Latvia

The Red. Building

Fabric No. 754860


The dramatic colour of this building is difficult to ignore, but it was is the unusual positioning and inconsistent size of the windows that were the focus for the fabric design.  The pattern uses clever colouration to recreate the irregular window positions the coverall colour has been toned down to a more wearable, soft rust, and mid blue woven on top of the rust so elements of it show through across the face of the fabric.

Doha, Qatar

Zig Zag Towers

Fabric No. 854861


This uniquely shaped high rise in Doha looks almost black against the bright desert sky and this has influenced both the design and the colour of the fabric. Using a dark blue base colour the design team have cleverly woven a zig zag pattern in a lighter blue so it stands out against the darker background and also represents the colour of the sky in the photo.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Axel Towers

Fabric No. 854862


Surprisingly, the curved shape of this building was not the reference point for the fabric design.  Instead the design team focussed on the unusually tall and narrow window shapes and the way they stretch from bottom to the top of the structure creating diagonal patterns on the eye.