The final piece of winter layering comes courtesy of the overcoat. The classics here still reign supreme: the trenchcoat, the dark-hued topcoat, the camel overcoat… Something that rounds off a look while still providing practicality in the way of warmth and weatherproofing.

As for the trenchcoat, there are choices: long or jacket-length, single- or double-breasted, pared back or dotted with details, belt-wrapped or not, classic khaki, something dark or something bright. A good trench should fit snugly when buttoned up but have a casual drape when worn open. To further channel that film noir look, pair with a fedora or a long umbrella and have that collar upturned.

The topcoat and the overcoat are similar in cut; a topcoat is just a much lighter weight version. Lengthwise, they should hang somewhere around the lower-thigh/knee and have a lapel cut to the mid-chest. Greys, blacks and blues are smart and practical, but a version in tan or camel has some seasonal stand-out. Closely fitted versions are timelessly stylish but a baggier drape adds a dash of modernity.

Whatever coat catches the attention, Scabal’s overcoat collection has all the components of perfection. It includes not only the most noble pure cashmere, but also a cashmere/vicuna blend and pure camelhair. Each is available in blue, black and light and dark caramel in a variety of weights and finishes. A wide herringbone can also be found in both the Super 100’s and cashmere options, while fancier hopsack and glen check designs are accommodated in the pure wool part of the collection. Nine intriguing plains are also on offer.