Forget diamonds on the soles of her shoes. We’re talking diamonds in the fabric of his suit.

A Little Sparkle, Woven in

2001 marked Scabal’s first foray into combining cloth with diamonds. Our technique, developed after extensive research and testing, sees fragments of the gem processed directly into wool after its cleaning and combing. Invisible to the naked eye as individual chips, their combination in the raw fibre produces a uniquely glistening thread – ideal for spinning into unapologetically luxurious fabrics.

Innovation and Heritage, Hand in Hand

Of course, the beauty of our Diamond Chip range doesn’t come at the expense of its comfort. The material’s weight and composition ensure it hangs just as elegantly as a cloth made of diamonds deserves to, and the gem’s incorporation at its earliest stages of weaving mean that the finished fabric remains soft as the silk it contains. Woven at Scabal’s heritage Huddersfield mill, the diamond-infused Super 150 wool is combined with pure silk, for an 80-20 weave that’s as tactile as it is breathable.

Standard Setting

To paraphrase Picasso, we’ve spent centuries learning the rules to not only break them, but to set new standards. Scabal’s history is what propels us into the future – and 500 years spent perfecting our craft, honed at every stage, underpins every innovation.