When Otto Hertz so proudly constructed Scabal’s premises at No.12 Savile Row in 1972, he could only have dreamed of what was still to come.

Savile Row, named by the Earl of Burlington after his wife, Lady Dorothy Savile, has been the heartland of British tailoring since the 1800s. Home to the world’s finest suitmakers and enjoying the custom of clients including royalty, statesmen, sporting stars, and literary and theatrical celebrities, when Otto Hertz, Scabal’s founder, was looking for a premises in 1972, The Row offered a sublimely perfect fit.

Scabal’s purpose-built space at No.12 Savile Row celebrates it’s 50th anniversary this year. It has been from this store at the centre of the sartorial universe that Otto brought to life his mission: to bring the life enhancing qualities of high quality, stylish and personalised tailoring to the world’s most discerning gentlemen. As both outfitter and supplier, Scabal dispatched orders of cloth daily to every one of its tailor neighbours, and to more than 70 countries around the world.

Much has happened in half a century on The Row. From menswear trends to manufacturing technologies, retail, design and culture have experienced seismic shifts. As a brand driven by the traditional values of passion, heritage and craftsmanship, Scabal’s base at No.12 has been key to its success in navigating these changes while making head-turning strides in modern tailoring. 

To mark its anniversary Scabal has looked back to its heritage – diving into the history books of the 1970s and bringing key elements of the decade’s styling into our new season stories, from corduroy to Salvador Dali. We have also created the Savile Row fabric collection, including 50 designs with a distinctly British feel, it represents 300 years of tailoring excellence.